The instruments are available for both research and educational purposes. 

Internal Users: A user should have an active UCSF iLab account and can book a time slot for an instrument. 

External Users: Please contact the core manager directly to initiate a business contract request and create UCSF iLab account.


  • The scanning time can range from 0.5-3 hours/sample. If a coating is needed, carbon or sputter coating takes about 20-40 minutes. 
  • The instrument is a variable pressure system, with scanning electron, scanning transmission, and back scattered electron imaging modes.
  • Instrument usage has limited direct access. Only after official training, users can operate by themselves. The maintenance of the instrument is performed by staff.

Interested users may contact Sunita Ho ([email protected]).

X-ray Micro-CT

  • Depending on the type of biological specimen and resolution, the average scanning time can range from 2-12 hours.
  • When data acquisition is completed, a 3D reconstructed volume will be available for analysis in minutes.
  • Instrument usage has limited direct access. Operation and data acquisition is performed by staff.
  • Data analysis using advanced software (Avizo) by either the user or micro-CT specialist on our workstations is available on a time charge basis.

Please contact Sunita Ho ([email protected]).

Recharge Rates*  



Academic External (non-UCSF)



$106.58/ hour



X-ray Micro-CT/ Deben




*These rates are subject to change.